For home owners

Homeowners who appoint a construction company (contractor) are covered by the Swedish Consumer Services Act, which means that the homeowner/building owner is not liable for appointing a safety compliance officer (BAS-U) and is therefore not responsible for the work environment for those performing the work.

By contrast, homeowners who choose to appoint several contractors to carry out the work simultaneously have a certain responsibility for the work environment for those performing the work. This applies to new construction, maintenance, modification, repair and excavation work.  The homeowner is regarded as the developer and has a legal responsibility for the establishment of a work environment plan or for ensuring that the contractor (construction company) does. The plan must indicate the specific risks that may arise during the construction project, such as falls from roofs and contact with hazardous chemicals, and what must be done to minimize the risks.

If several contractors are working on the construction simultaneously, the developer (the homeowner) is responsible for coordinating the work environment for all parties. A construction safety compliance officer must be appointed, both for planning the work and for its actual execution. In some circumstances, the developer may transfer their entire work environment responsibility to one contractor.

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