If anything happens

Emergency or accidents

If emergency or accidents occur on the ground site everyone shall quickly and safely evacuate the workplace, e.g. in case of fire. Escape routes and assembly sites shall be marked with signs.

Doors for evacuation shall open outwards and fire-fighting equipment shall be easily accessible.

First aid shall always be available and signs shall be posted showing the location of supplies and areas where first aid can be administered.

A notice board displaying telephone numbers to ambulance and rescue services, the address of the workplace and possibly directions to the workplace shall be provided. Remember that the person who calls must be able to communicate with Räddningstjänsten, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency. Rescue Services personnel normally understand English.

If a power cut would expose workers to particular risk, emergency lighting shall be provided. This applies, e.g., to work with construction saws and installation of scaffolding.

For risks or flaws in the work environment

  1. Contact your immediate supervisor if you find a risk or flaw in your work environment.
  2.  Contact the safety representative if no action is taken.
  3. The safety representative contacts the supervisor.
  4.  If the problem is not corrected, the safety representative informs the Chief Safety Officer (CSO).
  5. The CSO addresses the matter in the safety committee if the problem persists.
  6. The safety representative may turn to the Swedish Work Environment Authority if no actions are carried out.