Practical information

A lot of things are different and strange when you come to a new country. Here you can find practical information that will help those of you living and working temporarily in Sweden – and outside of work hours. Several of the websites are well worth surfing around to find additional information and tips.

>Facts about Sweden – and 20 things you should know about Swedes before moving here
How do I find somewhere to live?

Once here in Sweden – how do the post, telephone, internet, banks, currency, transports, public holidays, opening times and other everyday things work
“Sweden in a nutshell” – about Swedish lifestyles, habits, traditions, and the Swedish temperament

The Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) on working in Sweden
For tax rules in your new country
How to join a union. Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundet is the union for all construction workers in Sweden.
Calling abroad from Sweden – list of country codes throughout the world. Dial the prefix 00, followed by the country code to reach the desired country. Then dial the remainder of the telephone number omitting the first 0 in the local area code.
For serious accidents, illnesses, fire or other dangers – ring the emergency number 112.
Various ways of travelling around Sweden: car, bus, train, plane and other modes of transport
Addresses of some of the major public transport companies:
Greater Stockholm’s local transport Public transport in Gothenburg and the Västra Götaland region Public transport in Malmö and the Skåne region

Addresses, phone numbers and links to all of Sweden’s 290 municipalities in alphabetical order, for facts about local public transport, accommodation, maps, what’s going on and other useful information
What is the weather like?
SR International – radio news in a number of languages, including English and Russian
The Swedish Institute – the official gateway to Sweden. Experience Sweden online via facts, music, movies, stories, pictures and blogs. Information can be found here about working in Sweden
Visit Sweden – Sweden’s official tourism and travel site. Facts, maps, weather forecasts, practical information about the currency, telephones, banking and business hours etc. Available in English, Russian and more